Friday, 17 June 2011

struggling to hear
what the wind has to say -
pink clematis


Alan Summers said...

Hey! How did you do that without me seeing? :-)

We were drinking tea together and talking haiku and tanka.

See you at breakfast, and you were absolutely right, the Haiku Walk does start at 11am. :-)

Fantastic haiku, print out for the morning. :-)


Brian said...

The line breaks carry this haiku to its perfection, Paul. A stunner and inspiration:

its whispers
make clematis
with yearning
for the wind

Anonymous said...


Paul Smith said...

Alan, great weekend, thank you.

Hi Brian, your words as ever are a great encouragement to me.
As a fellow poet, you are such an inspiration and for that I am grateful.

Renee, thank you. Your seeing is key I think...