Tuesday, 5 July 2011

scent of lilac -
one final breath
after another


Brian said...

Exquisite agony, beautifully expressed, Paul.

Anonymous said...

tranquillity of the heart follows
the final breath..?!
...amazing poem!

Paul Smith said...

Thank you Brian, I'm touched by your words as ever.

Hi Renee, I like your new profile picture.

You are so kind and your comments have a poetic appeal of their own. Thank you.

Dave Serjeant said...

A well crafted haiku that I can empathise with. It's certainly not an easy moment to capture (see my effort in Blithe Spirit 20:3). I hope that being able to express your loss helps to ease the pain like it has done for me.

Paul Smith said...

Thanks Dave, I'll take a look at 20:3.
Where would we be without poetry?...