Friday, 4 June 2010

Solo Renku - Four Seasons

grasses bow
before the wind -
autumn moon

from another world
fox tracks in snow

slicing the air
above their shadows
swallows return

the weight of summer
lined up along the beach


Nicole Hyde said...

Gorgeous, Paul!

marty45 said...

Paul probably not of much value to you. Since I don't understand Renku however like Nicole I enjoyed reading it. Keep up your good work

Kristin Riggs said...

Beautiful as always, Paul! I'm back on Soft Spoken now. My short break is over. :) Hope you are doing well!!!


Paul Smith said...

Nicole thank you, I am glad this worked for you.

Marty, your words are of great value to me, it is enough to know that my words have spoken. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Hi Kristin, great to have you back and as always lovely that you take the time to respond. Thank you.

Dave Serjeant said...

excellent work Paul

Paul Smith said...

Thanks Dave.

Kelly Marszycki said...

I like the "completeness" (?) of the four seasons, coming full circle -- beautiful!

Paul Smith said...

Thank you Kelly.

DickWhyte said...

This is stunning. The "fox" stanza is wonderful - and really sets up the tone. A lovely set of poems.

Paul Smith said...

Thanks Dick, I'm catching up late here I'm afraid.