Sunday, 3 May 2009

turning my back
on a world of dreams -
moonlit snow

Ambrosia Spring 2009

I have four poems published in this edition which may be read by clicking on Ambrosia above.


Frank Williams said...

Paul: This is a lovely haiku with a genuine surreal feel to it. I have had a look at the Ambrosia web page. In particular, I like the snowman haiku. I wrote something similar a while ago, and it was used as the hokku to a renku called “Sudden Thaw”.

sudden thaw...
and the snowman's eyes
turn back to stones

All the best, Frank...

John McDonald said...

good one Paul congrats on ambrosia

Paul Smith said...

Thank you both for your comments. Frank, I really like the ku.

Alan Summers said...

I enjoyed all your haiku in Ambrosia particulary the early blossoms haiku.

My favourite is the one you posted on this blog.

Frank's hokku is wonderful too, a series on snowman haiku, or at least a section in a Christmas special, seems a possibility, with poems of this quality.

all my best,
With Words Online Haiku Competition.