Monday, 16 November 2009

Simply Haiku Winter 2009

The latest edition of Simply Haiku (a major online venue for Japanese style poetry)is now up and running.
By clicking on the link above you can view four of my tanka poems & a nijuin renku that Frank Williams and I wrote together earlier this year.

Besides this there are many other top quality works by some of the fields leading poets. Well worth a visit and the archives are a treasure trove just waiting to be found.


Kristin Riggs said...

Good morning, Paul! Well, I looked and there we were. How very exciting. My favorite of yours was the one about Narnia. They're all fantastic! Thanks for alerting us...I had no idea it was up yet.

Devika said...

Thanks for the link, Paul :)

And congrats to you and Kristin :)
Frank is off from blogging for so long,

Interesting Renku, and well as poems by others...nice :)


Paul Smith said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed them.

Kristin it is nice to share some 'published' space with you.