Wednesday, 4 November 2009

trust me
if you dare
for like the sea
I hold secrets
deep within

Modern English Tanka V2 N3 Spring 2008


Devika said...

Oh, this is nice, Paul :)

Never associated trust with dare :)


Paul Smith said...

Hi Devika, thank you for this.

I guess what I'm getting at here is that we never really know what a person is like... We all carry secrets deep with.

changing again
across the moon

Best wishes

Devika said...

Yes, possibly Paul...even one who says his life is an open book will still have them in those deep recesses of his/her self

Like its not just romance or love affairs that I am talking about, Paul..Like those Communists who discard God for their ideology in their discourses of dialectical materialism...

My father was athiest and a staunch communist -- I trust him for his words and deeds....But i know many who secretly holds their belief systems...Even my father, i don't know if he held a fear deep within,

btw, just for sharing I am a communist and believer..and hence out of the political system...though the party these days gives space for husband is against joining active politics :)

The clouds and the moon story will continue as far our universe remains, i guess :))

Nice to have your response, Paul :)


Devika said...

Paul, hope you don't mind this long chat like comment i make -- sometimes I just don't stop :)


John McDonald said...

terrific stuff since my last visit well done

Kristin Riggs said...

Don't we true and so beautifully put.

I posted this back in September. Yours made me think of it...

I smile and sigh,
keeping it to myself
once again-
a woman's heart
is a deep well

Kristin Riggs said...

By the way...I love that your haiku about moon and clouds went so perfectly hand-in-hand with mine...I love when that happens. Two people on different continents thinking similar thoughts. I love it!

Paul Smith said...

Hi Devika, John, Kristin,

Devika I am happy that you felt the desire to write. It is always a pleasure to hear your views. Thank you.

Kristin your poem is beautiful, so many layers to peel back. I am glad you liked my 'clouds across the moon' ku it did seem to work so well alongside your own poem. As ever I am grateful for the time you take to comment, thank you.

John, from a poet such as yourself your comments also are golden!

along the road
so many moon-filled nights
and stars to share

Thank you all.