Monday, 26 April 2010

watching my wife
a little girl again
playing in the snow
wondering where she's been
all this time

Blithe Spirit V17 No3 September 2007


John McDonald said...

excellent sets as usual Paul

Frank Williams said...

A lovely tanka, Paul. I guess we are all like a diamond, multi-faceted. It's great that you know different facets of your wife; more often than not, we only see the one projected towards us by that person. Hope this makes sense...

chico said...

wow. Finding an inner child of your partner is wonderful, isn't it? the world will be a palyground when you are in the mindset, I think...

Paul Smith said...

Hi John, Frank, Chico. Thank you for your comments.

Frank it makes perfect sense. 'Diamonds' I love that.

each of us
a diamond sparkling
on the earth

Chico, the child within is something we should all seek to nurture as we age and if we do then maybe the world will be a very different place.