Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I have noticed that the number of people following me here at Paper Moon has increased quite dramatically of late. So a BIG WELCOME to you all! I hope something of what you find here will move, challenge, comfort and inspire you.



bazza said...

Thanks Paul. I now become a follower! And thanks for visiting To Discover Ice!

klahanie said...

Hi Paul,
I dropped by your site thanks to the recommendation of bazza, a chap I have a lot of respect for. You do a most inspiring blog. I do hope you might be so kind as to maybe check mine out. Thank you.
I am now 'linked' into your site. I embrace the idea of a positive interaction blogging community.
With respect, Gary.

Paul Smith said...

Thank you both for dropping by.

I wil check out your blog Gary...

Devika said...

Congrats Paul...though not a listed follower, i follow this blog regularly, even when I'm not commenting,

And i must say, this is one blog that keeps my love for short poems alive :)


Paul Smith said...

Listed or not Devika, you are a valued companion on this poetic way.

Thank you for your kind words here, I am deeply touched.