Monday, 27 September 2010

the whole world
washed grey -
I feel its uncertainty
a coal tit
on the feeder


Frank said...

A very nice contrast of images, Paul. Lovit...

Paul Smith said...

Cheers Frank. This one came yesterday almost haiku-like.

John McDonald said...

great sets Paul

Paul Smith said...

Thanks John.

LG said...

I love the Tanka form of poetry you publish. I can feel the words with you and have started writing my own as I feel it's the form I want to say some things in....not too long, not too short, just right...but of course it takes practice to get it right!

Take care

Paul Smith said...

LG, it's great to hear that you are writing your own tanka poems.
The form has so much to offer in terms of expressing oneself in bitesize chunks, that often open out to almost unimaginable proportions.

If you find the poem below on this blog I have written a little about the tanka form (as I see it)you may find it useful as you explore the form.

a jester
all these years
I've worn
so many smiles
I could not own

If I can help in any way with your writing practice please feel free to ask. I will do what I can.

Thanks again for dropping by and leaving such positive feedback.

Pacze Moj said...

I didn't know a coal tit was a bird, but, more to the point: I like the way "tit" echoes the sound of "uncertainty".

Paul Smith said...

Pacze, thank you for dropping by.
Coal tits are frequent visitors to our garden. To be honest it is only the last 18 months or so that I have become aware of which bird is which, after a poet friend took me bird watching. I have a real passion for it now. It can sound so dull, but actually the peace and quiet at the local reserve is a gift.

Hope to see you here again.

Devika said...

Good poems, added Paul, as always :)

yes this is haiku-like and to catch the uncertainty of a little bird is really lovely,


Paul Smith said...

Thanks Devika, good to see you again.