Monday, 14 September 2009

early autumn -
in only a few short days
these leaves have turned
for change in you
I've waited a lifetime

Modern English Tanka V3 No3 Spring 2009


Frank Williams said...

This is stunning Paul. The poem turns beautifully on the words turned and change...

Laure said...

when i came to learn that the colors of 'turned' leaves in autumn are their real colors ... chlorophyll pumped through their veins in summer keeps them superficially (for lack of a better way to say it) green ... i was met with profound gratitude at the perseverance of the created world.

the change you waited a lifetime for ... was/is worth the wait. what joy your perseverance ... to bring the gift of a changed life to you ... and this poem.

i'd like to think i am from the line of leaves ... turning to my most real self at just the right time.

a terribly long-winded way to say that this verse speaks life about living. it has inspired me.

thank you, Paul.

John McDonald said...

good one Paul

Paul Smith said...

Frank, Laure, John, thank you for your comments (& new insights Laure)

finding strength
in words
on the screen

DickWhyte said...

Just wow again. I have little more to say. Except that - I feel Japanese poetry has the ability to give you energy (and I mean physical, scientific energy). These poems energise me.