Wednesday, 9 September 2009

on your lips
is it the promise of spring
that you bear
or just an illusion
of the winter sun

Modern English Tanka V3 No4 Summer 2009


Devika said...

oh this is so nice, Paul

and it reminds me of Khalil Gibran's quote...i am not sure verbatim..but it goes like

If winter should say, 'Spring is in my heart,' who would belive winter?

Winter and spring are my favourite seasons...seasons that I enjoy :)


Devika said...

*Kahlil Gibran...a typo,

and then i was thinking of the reverse....'if spring says winter is in my heart'

a woman's life is so would never know....allegations are easy to make,

don't know if i make any sense...but those thoughts passed my mind,


Paul Smith said...

Devika, it is always a pleasure to read your comments and thoughts, thank you for taking the time.

for Devika

to each
in their own time -
seasons of the heart


Devika said...

Oh, thanks Paul :)


Frank Williams said...

A very nice tanka Paul that had many interpretations...

Paul Smith said...

Thank you Frank, as ever you are a welcome guest here.

Laure said...


what power the mouth

to create hope ...

this is beautiful read or recited!

Paul Smith said...

Thank you Laure, your words are a gift.